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Second Vision – The premiere wedding and event band in Philadelphia, New Jersey, Delaware, and New York

Have you been looking for a band to perform at your event in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware or the surrounding areas? Then Second Vision is your band. We set the stage for an electric performance at weddings, receptions, corporate events, parties and other events.

Second Vision is a professional, ten-piece Pennsylvania-based wedding band. We have performed together for 15 years featuring talented male and female vocalists and a sizzling horn section. Our musical-style is quite versatile – if you like it, we’ll play it:

We are known for our exciting performances that keep the crowd entertained non-stop.

Is Second Vision the right band for your special event?

Finding the right band for a special event isn’t easy. It can require lots of shopping around and taking time to attend performances in order to find the best talent for the best price. So where do you begin when you’re looking to hire a Philadelphia wedding band? Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Choose a band with consistent membership.

    A band that keeps its original members has the advantage of knowing how to harmonize and work together to give you the best performance. Bands that constantly change members may not always be able to deliver a quality performance. If you attend a performance featuring singer A, but singer B is the only one available for your event, you may be in for a surprise; and not the good kind.Second Vision has successfully performed as a band for 15 years!
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  • Ask whether the group is a full-time or part-time band.

    This can potentially make a world of difference when it comes to hiring a band. Full-time musicians are usually much more serious and passionate about what they do. They spend a lot of time practicing and preparing for performances. Because the band is their livelihood, they put a great deal of energy and effort into what they do.Second Vision consists of a group of full-time, professional musicians. We put our heart and soul into every performance. Every time.

  • Ask for referrals.

    Any band with a history of positive performances should be able to provide referrals from their most satisfied clients. When you get referrals, make sure to follow up on them. You’ll learn a lot by hearing about another client’s experience hiring the group you’re considering.Feel free to contact Second Vision and request a recent list of references anytime.

The right band for a variety of events

Even though Second Vision is well-known as one of the top Philadelphia wedding bands, we’ve also performed for hundreds of other special events including bar mitzvahs, fundraisers, Sweet 16 parties, anniversaries, corporate events, graduations, birthday parties and other special occasions. We can help make your event a success.

Contact Second Vision for more information and to inquire about our competitive rates.